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Kayıt Tarihi: 2023-19-Nisan
Aktif Durum: Pasif
Gönderilenler: 3
Gönderen: 2023-19-Nisan Saat 06:52 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı DonnaStella

If you feared that F2P mechanics would
Diablo 4
undermine Diablo Immortal Then your fears were
justifiable. But if you hoped that Blizzard would provide
a decent mobile spinoff in order to fill the gap between
the next big installment in the series, then you were not
in vain. Check out our complete Diablo Immortal review.

The controls here are slightly different depending the
game's platform, PC or mobile devices, but the basic
concept is the same. You'll grab a quest in the town, go
out into the wild, and click or tap incessantly to fight
your enemies, sometimes trigger special abilities, or
sipping the healing potion. Combat isn't particularly
deep however it's enjoyable and requires a little
tactical planning, particularly when you're besieged by a
horde of demons, and need to balance special ability
cooldowns and a limited potency.

Diablo Immortal's gameplay fundamentals are, essentially,
the same as the one you've played in the previous three
Diablo games. Because Diablo is a mobile game in the
main, it's actions seem less precise, character
development seems to be less precise, and there's a
general sense that the game provides plenty of room to
adjust to the touch controls. This isn't necessarily a
bad thing however, since the difficulty will increase
over time.

As you would expect from Diablo it's also possible to
collect loot as you go -- lots of loot. Every enemy you
encounter will drop some kind of magic weapon or piece of
armor and you'll find yourself constantly swapping out
gear to improve your skills while you play. Whatever you
don't need you can get rid of, and this is among Diablo
Immortal's most impressive features. Instead of selling
off equipment that isn't needed, you can scrap it into
parts and put those parts to help you build your
equipment that you would like to keep. This gives you a
steady sense of growth, and allows you to plan long-term
character strategies around certain
Diablo IV Gold
important pieces of equipment.
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