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Kayıt Tarihi: 2022-13-Ocak
Aktif Durum: Pasif
Gönderilenler: 4
Gönderen: 2022-13-Ocak Saat 09:21 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı wuyazhong

Statuettes- These statuettes, introduced with the new
bounty hunter system, gave people hope for good loots.
Estimated potential- It was made available with the new
bounty hunter methods. It gave players an indication of
their chances to earn decent loot. PvP realms were
created to replace the bounty hunter that used to have
multiple worlds, this number has now been reduced to only
a handful of.

Hotspots - Areas that offer loot that is 'kinder' to
players. Clan WarsClan Wars - A few of the very first
minigames available that were f2p-based, replacing big
wilderness fights for clans. They used to be massive
until jagex fail updated it. The new Bounty Hunter- Jagex
introduced a new method to create pk.

FFA arenas The update to FFA arenas is the most
ineffective thing in Runescape. It came in an update that
ended clan wars forever. It managed to reduce the amount
of players in the arena and make it a boring experience.
The arena is extremely dangerous. Request assistance -
This was created because we couldn't trade items in order
to create new ones, e.g. smithing armor to lower levels,
air/law/etc running.

Capped trading- This is straightforward and will likely
be rendered ineffective if changes are made. Gravestones
were created to ensure that people would not trade in the
event of their death and let them retrieve their
possessions. DA tournaments- Was created to bring back
staking, fails badly even after updates. Revenantswere
originally designed to replace pkers but people were
dissatisfied with their power. They are actually quite
poor. However, they are too powerful in f2p.

Jagex can delete content. The old Bounty Hunter- A crater
was created out of space, crushing all wildy old spots of
pking like the big bone and the tiny bone yard.
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