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Konu Konu: Best Bovet Dimier R045006 Replica watch Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 2019-27-Eylül
Aktif Durum: Pasif
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Gönderen: 2020-30-Eylül Saat 10:27 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı flora

Bovet Dimier Récital 15-jumping time, retrograde minutes
and double seconds Dimier Récital 15 is not a new
version, it debuted with Dimier Récital 12 in 2014.
Dimier Recital 12 Monsieur R120002
. Both
watches are designed to showcase the Virtuoso II manual
winding movement inside Bovet. Récital 15 enhances the
properties of the basic caliber by combining jumping
hours, retrograde minutes and curious dual coaxial
seconds, allowing you to query the dial and the second
hand on the back of the dial. With its charming time
level display and the reasonable display of the movement,
the landscape on the dial is full of beautiful elevations
and valleys, while the luxurious hand finishes associated
with Bovet are vivid. Let's take a closer look at Récital

The first challenge in viewing Bovet timepieces is to
digest its multiple names and surnames. The model we are
reviewing is called Bovet Dimier Récital 15, Dimer
Récital 15 Virtuoso II or even just ordinary Récital 15-
the name we will use today. Like all of Bovet's work,
Récital 15 is not "simple", but a quick explanation of
other names on this table may come in handy. Dimier is
the name of the series, and it also implies Bovet's own
manufacturer of DIMIER 1738. Récital plus a number is the
name of the specific model of the Dimier series, and
Virtuoso II is the name of the basic movement produced by
the Dimier manufacturer. Released in 2014.
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Bovet is known for its highly sophisticated and artistic
mechanical watches, innovative watch cases (such as
Amadeo convertibles), original displays, and luxurious
decorations and finishes. The Dimier series has many
extraordinary astronomical complications, including the
Récital 18 meteor, Récital 20 Astérium, the charming moon
phase Récital 11 Miss Alexandra, and even the Récital 22
Grand Récital astronomical watch, which all won the
highest award-Aiguille d'Or- at GPHG 2018. If you want to
learn more about Bovet's integrated manufacturer
(focusing on Récital models), you can watch our video

But in Dimier, not everything has such astronomical
complexity. The Récital model also has some "medium
complexity", such as Récital 15 with jumping time,
retrograde minutes and a power reserve of 5 days.
Récital15 is similar to the previous Récital12. The case
size and movement are different, but the jumping time and
retrograde minutes are added. The diameter of Récital15
is 42mm and the height is 12.80mm. By the way, apart from
the somewhat confusing nomenclature used on Bovet, there
are no Récital 13 and 14 watches. The polished 18k red
gold case we use in our hands-on practice has 64
baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel and a light-cut
diamond on the crown.

Jacob & Co Astronomia Zodiac AT100.40.AC.AB.B

Like Arabic and some Asian languages, Récital 15 reads
from right to left. Across hours, minutes, and seconds,
the original representation of time is displayed on the
horizontal axis, going from right to left from the
largest measured value (hours), the number of minutes
backtracked, and then to the smallest measured value
(seconds). In addition to being an attractive way to
check the time, the different displays on the dial also
gradually increase the speed, advancing from slowly
rotating hours to fast-moving seconds.

The hop-hour display is the first thing to peek under the
shirt cuff. It allows you to consult the hours carefully
without offending the dinner host. The rectangular window
is located on the white hand-painted ring at 3 o'clock.

Breguet Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai de
. Its circular and elongated shape
matches the outline of the ring. However, for the
mechanical voyeur, what is more interesting is the
performance performed at the cut surface of the ring,
which reveals the various parts of the double star
mechanism, which regulate the instantaneous beating speed
and also help the synchronization of the hour dial
beating. . Use the reversed minute hand. It is this
difficulty that makes it rare to display both the jumping
time and the retrograde minute in watchmaking.

On the other half of the ring, the black Arabic numerals
(inspired by the font used in pocket watches made by
Edouard Bovet in the 19th century) on the minute display
are printed with a 180-degree arc, and watch the
counterclockwise minute hand once it reaches 60 Minute
mark, returning to zero may be addictive.

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