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Konu Konu: The Eagles announced this week that Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 2018-06-Eylül
Ülke: Arnavutluk
Aktif Durum: Pasif
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Gönderen: 2020-13-Ocak Saat 05:18 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı chenyan94

 they won¡¯t be applying the franchise tag to quarterback Nick Foles. On the surface ey , it¡¯s good news for Foles. At a deeper level, it means that Foles won¡¯t be guaranteed nearly $25 million this year.So what will he get on the open market? It¡¯s unclear how many teams will jump into the bidding for the 30-year-old¡¯s services. Last year, however, it took only two teams (the Vikings and the Jets) to get Kirk Cousins $84 million fully guaranteed on a three-year deal.With the Broncos trading for Joe Flacco (as of March 13), not many teams have an obvious need for a starting quarterback in 2019. The universe of franchises that need someone now currently consists of the Dolphins, the Jaguars, and Washington. With Alex Smith still on the books for plenty of injury-guaranteed money in Washington, Foles¡¯ future could come down to Miami and Jacksonville. And if one of those teams doesn¡¯t want Foles, it could come down to one. (If neither wants Foles, he¡¯s got a little problem.)So what can a Super Bowl MVP with a decidedly mixed bag of career production get on the open market? Kirk Cousins got his $28 million per year without winning many/any big games. But Foles has won games at the highest level of the sport. And his low point came with the Rams Womens DeSean Jackson Jersey , a place where pre-McVay plenty of quarterback careers went to die ¡ª or at least to end up in a coma.Then there¡¯s the question of whether the teams that need quarterbacks will prefer to pay a veteran or roll the dice on a rookie. Last year¡¯s quintet of first-round quarterbacks, all of whom passed the eyeball test, may cause teams to look toward the draft, where signal-callers come far cheaper than they do in free agency.Still, if a significant market were in place for Foles, the Eagles would have tagged him and traded him. They surely tried, and obviously didn¡¯t succeed. Which means that no one wanted to give the Eagles a draft pick and to pay Foles nearly $25 million for 2019, and/or to sign him to a long-term deal with the franchise tag as the starting point.Without the draft-pick compensation to the Eagles, will someone pay him $25 million or more per year? That undoubtedly will be the target for Foles, given that players like Derek Carr (no playoff wins) Cameron Johnston Jersey , Matthew Stafford (no playoff wins), Jimmy Garoppolo (no playoff wins), Cousins (no playoff wins), Matt Ryan (no Super Bowl wins), and Aaron Rodgers (one Super Bowl win) are making that much or more.Also, with the salary cap now at $188.2 million, $25 million represents only 13.2 percent of the cap. Given that Foles has stepped up and played well in the biggest of spots, that seems like a small percentage to devote to the most important player on the field.Carson Wentz brings aggression that the Eagles¡¯ offense has lacked with Nick Foles Heading into the Week 3 showdown with the Indianapolis Colts, the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles are in need of an offensive spark. Surrounded by a unit plagued by injuries and uncertainty at both wide receiver and running back, franchise quarterback Carson Wentz is in an unenviable position. But he has two things working in his favor that Nick Foles has been missing through two weeks.The Eagles¡¯ wide receivers ey , a mix of beat up and rag tag bunch outside of Nelson Agholor, have struggled mightily to separate and create clear looks. Even Agholor has been less effective in this regard. NFL Next Gen Stats have him at 2.4 average yards of separation compared to last years¡¯ 3.0. Thankfully this is a small sample size and Zach Ertz helps with his 3.8 average. Outside of them, coverage units have been the white to their rice.Faced with that lack of performance from his targets, Foles has been hesitant and gun shy. According to Pro Football Focus, Foles has held onto the ball for an average of 2.76 seconds, which ranks 27th of 31 and is certainly not by design. Making matters worse, when he¡¯s been presented with tight window throws, he balks.With Wentz¡¯s return, that¡¯s about to change. With a cannon for an arm and a fearless mentality, he is far more willing to fit throws into smaller windows and the data bears that out. Let¡¯s compare the two Womens Richard Rodgers Jersey , but first, the definitions for the data presented from NFL Next Gen Stats.Comparing Wentz¡¯s 2017 campaign to Foles in 2018, here¡¯s how they look next to each other:AGG%: Carson Wentz = 25.7% (1st), Nick Foles = 14.6% (18th)AYTS: Carson Wentz = +.80 (4th), Nick Foles = -2.1 (24th)If you¡¯re concerned that the roster¡¯s current make-up looks more like the 2016 season than 2018 in terms of pass catching depth, don¡¯t be. Wentz still smokes Foles in aggression and downfield throwing in both areas despite being more conservative in his rookie year.Wentz is going to fit some fastballs into some tight windows, which will be a welcome change. The question is, will his receivers make the plays they need to make for him? Either way, it will be a breath of fresh air seeing a quarterback more willing to challenge defenses.

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